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corona books

All the people in the world are passing every single moment with the panic of Coronavirus (COVID-19). This disease was first identified in Wuhan, China, last year, and now it becomes a global problem. It has declared as a world health emergency. When I am writing this article, about 160 countries in the world are suffering from this disease. More than 2 lac people have been already affected and about 9 thousand people have died.

The world takes this virus as a serious problem and many countries have already been locked down. The news channels and newspapers are trying their best to make you aware so that you can be safe. Moreover, some writers are trying to increase awareness through writing books, and today my article is based on those corona books.

In this little period of corona blast, I found a lot of books in the market, and today I am here with some essential books for you. You will get the corona prevention books for adults and children in this article. Moreover, there are also some books on the history of corona virus in China.

The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook: 101 Science-Based Tips That Could Save Your Life
Author: Wang Zhou
Published at: 10/03/2020

The book is all about coronavirus which has first identified in China. But now it continues to spread around the world including USA, Italy, UK, Canada, Germany, South Korea.

With 101 tips for individuals to prevent the spread of the virus, the information in this handbook could be lifesaving. The prevention tips include:

  • Precautions for individuals and public places (handwashing, face masks, etc.)
  • Strategies for detection and treatment of the disease
  • An overview of the coronavirus and how it’s spread
  • Basics about contagious diseases
With the number of reported cases of COVID-19 growing daily, the information in this book will help you protect yourself and your loved ones!

Coronavirus: The Eyes of Darkness: Unmasking Dean Koontz´Prophecy
Published at: 14/03/2020

The COVID-19 was first identified in 2019 and still the name of fear. Now it is clear that fear could be as dangerous as the disease itself. It spreads at an alarming rate and at the same time all kinds of rumors circulate, and the WHO deals with their denial or clarification. Also, amazing prophecies or extraordinary coincidences that would have accurately anticipated the existence of the coronavirus are propagated. These are the facts the book is all about. If you read the book you will know how much is true and how much is business? How can you protect yourself from the virus and the dangerous opportunistic virtualization of news?

Stories of Courage and Determination: Wuhan in Coronavirus Lockdown
Author: The Editorial Board
Published at: 02/03/2020

This book is about the battle of China against the virus. It is the document of the country fighting against the corona outbreak. It contains reports and articles from a broad range of media, recording stories of courage and determination: Ordinary residents who have remained in Wuhan since it went into lockdown, people who have been continuing work to maintain the normal operation of the city, health workers from all over the country who are braving the threat of the virus to save lives, designers and builders who completed Huoshenshan Hospital in ten days, and selfless support from all walks of life across the country.

Actually, defending coronavirus is like a battle to the people of China and the book is a tribute to all the people who have joined the battle.

Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus - Covid 19 - CoV 2: Orthomolecular Medicine - 3 x 30.000 mg Ascorbate / daily
Author: Theophrastus Paracelsus Von Hohenheim
Published at: 10/03/2020
ISBN: 3750487693
The author of the book is Theophrastus Paracelsus Von. The book is all about Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus with IVC - 3 x 30.000 mg Ascorbate daily. This book will be helpful for you in this critical stage.

Outbreaks and Epidemics: Battling infection from measles to coronavirus (Hot Science)
Author: Meera Senthilingam
Published at: 18/03/2020

The author of the book is Meera Senthilingam, a journalist, editor, and public health researcher specializing in global health and infectious disease. The book is about our waged war against the infections that, left untreated, would have the power to wipe out communities, or even entire populations.

In the recent past, we saw the outbreaks of Ebola and Zika, and now we are in the threat of coronavirus that spread across the world in 2020. The book presents the battle of human beings against the infection, examining the successes and failures of the past, along with how we are confronting the challenges of today, and our chances of eradicating disease in the future.

MERS Coronavirus: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)
Published at: 28/12/2019
ISBN: 1071602101

The book provides various techniques and methodologies currently used in the study of MERS-CoV. In the book, there are four chapters detailing evolution and entry of MERS-coronavirus, genetic alteration and structural determination of MERS-coronavirus proteins, quantitation of virus and anti-viral factors, and mouse models for MERS -coronavirus. The chapters are included with introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Author: The Editorial Board
Published at: 28/02/2020

You will find the collection of reports and articles from a broad range of media coverage. It presents the unforgettable history from January 23 to February 23, 2020 in the form of a daily log. You know the virus was first identified in China and within a little bit of time how dangerous it became! The book shows you the full picture of China's battle against it.

This is a nationwide action. No one can stand by in the face of the epidemic. The Chinese people are combating the virus with one heart. Wuhan is not fighting alone. The book is a tribute to all those fighting this battle.

The Wuhan Coronavirus Safety Handbook: Survival Manual to the 2019-nCoV & COVID Pandemic Outbreak, Lockdowns & Quarantines
Author: Dr Daniel C Paul M D
Published at: 03/03/2020
ISBN: 9492788497

Wuhan is the city of the Chinese province of Hubei, where there are about 11 million inhabitants. Now, coronavirus is not only the problem of Wuhan because it has become a global threat. Now, more than 160 countries have been affected by this virus, and people around the world are getting ready to battle against it. The WHO declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, and items such as facemasks and hand sanitizers are selling out like hotcakes.

As you can be safe from this virus, Dr. Daniel C. Paul M.D., the author of the book tries to tell you the facts you should abide by. He is an expert in pandemic prevention. In the book, he explains what the virus is, how to protect yourself and your family from it, the progress on finding a cure and how to prepare for potential lockdowns, quarantines, and (food) shortages.

Coronavirus questions answered for kids
Author: Adriana Morales
Published at: 02/03/2020
ISBN: 0990406628

The aged people are in threat with this virus, but we the people of all ages can be affected by it. We understand how fatal it can be for us, but the kids do not know everything about it. Keeping this fact in mind, the writer has written this book for kids.

They have a lot of questions about the virus. If you read the book, you can solve their concerns and get some peace of mind. It is a friendly picture book, where they will learn how to keep themselves safe and what to do to be healthy.

Health Protection Handbook for Kids, Children
Published at: 17/03/2020
ISBN: B0861QW4X2

This is another book about COVID-19 for kids. It is a guide for your baby to prevent viruses through the introduction of viruses and best baby prevention guide. If your child read this book, you will know how to protect himself and others from the viruses. So, if you have kids, you should have a book like this at your home.

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