How Technology has Impacted the Way We Write

how technology has impected

Technology impact greatly on every part of our life. Not only does it change our learning and working way but also changes the way we write. In this reading, we are going to discuss the impacts of technology in writing with some of technology’s positive and negative impacts. So, if you want to know then scroll down and read this complete article. Let’s get started;

We need to write on daily basis to share our thoughts, ideas, and concept. Also, we communicate with our fellows through writing a mail message. It was difficult at the start but now the technology is more developed so it makes us easier for writing anything more efficiently in less time. 


·       Deep research work


If you need to write a thesis or any kind of content then you can write it with the help of technology. Thousands of articles are available on the internet that will help you to understand the topic clearly and you can write on it more efficiently. In this case, technology help to write assignment, thesis, and research work. 


Technology has a bad impact too as it snatches the reading habits of students. They don’t need to find anything hard as everything is available on the internet that can easily be found in a few minutes and help you to write smartly. 


·       Avoid grammatical errors


The best impact of technology on writing is that you should not worry about minor grammatical errors. Now, technology provides us with multiple tools that correct your grammatical error and sound it much perfect. It surely reduces our workload and time but the disadvantage is that students stop paying attention to correct their grammatical mistakes. 


I remember the first time I write my essay, it has a lot of grammatical mistakes but I learned from that and start working to sort it out by myself. Yeah! Technology makes our life easier but we should not completely rely on it. Try to write perfectly by yourself.


·       Blogging 


The trend of blog writing is going upward direction rapidly as most of the people who have good writing ability choose it as a profession. Blog writing with the help of technology is a great way to increase your writing and communication skills. You can write meaningful blogs, write content and share it all around the world. It also helps you to know about professional writers and after getting grip on your skill, you can also work as a professional writer. That’s all because of technology. 


·       Plagiarism and proofreading


If you are a writer then technology surely helps you to check the uniqueness of your writing. These tools are mostly used by lecturers and writers to check the uniqueness of data just by one software. The plagiarism show on your smart screen and you can correct it in case of any mistake. 


Some students use spinning tools to write their essays that is not a good idea to copy someone’s content. This is the worst way to use technology. 


·       Creativity 


If you want to write something then technology will surely give you great ideas. Scroll through and find the best one by combining your thought and doing some research. Be creative and try to write something on your own. It’ll improve your writing skills too. 


Most of us do not pay attention to our grammar and write short form words especially while communicating with each other. It’ll affect badly on your writing skills. 


Major disadvantage 


No doubt that technology makes our life easier but it has some disadvantages too. The thing is that students are used to writing mostly on their smart screens including mobiles, tablets, and laptops that reduce handwriting. The notebook work is not mostly found as students are also doing their assignments on laptops. As the result, they have poor handwriting that destroys their handwriting skills. The other disadvantage of technology in writing is that we should not need to write in several languages as our seniors do because we can easily translate it from google translator. So, this interesting concept is also going out from our society. 


How I can improve my writing by technology?


Technology is available in almost every hand in the form of our smart devices. This device will help you to learn many things but it is only when you want to learn. Thousands of learning and informative videos are available on the internet that will help you to learn the way to write. Furthermore, you can attend online writing learning sessions to improve your writing. 

I’ll recommend you to start from basic points and then move onward to learning pro. You should also try to communicate professionally. It’ll help your vocabulary skills that improve the way you write automatically. 

Technology also impacts the quality of your writing greatly. The competition in the writing community is very hard therefore, you should try to write in a communicative but stylish and bold way. 


The bottom line


That’s all about this research. I hope you enjoyed it and am happy to learn about the way that impacts technology greatly. In this article, we discussed the major points that impact our writing greatly. Also, there are some disadvantages too. If you are not a good writer and want to improve your writing then search through the internet. I assure you that if you focus on it then you’ll surely be a good writer but don’t forget about handwriting work. Maintain both hand and screenwriting and work as an expert. 

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