How to Ace Mathematics

Do you ever think that you need to work on your mathematical skills? Or are you frustrated getting poor grades? If that's the problem don't stress yourself out. Cause we will teach and guide you through the whole process where you can learn the tricks to be better at Algebra and Trigonometry. First, we will discuss overall, then we will focus on each topic separately for your better understanding.

  • Do not skip lessons: Okay, so here is the first tip. Everything is interrelated if you're planning to slack off then it is ultimately going to affect your progress. So, do not skip classes unless you're very sick.
  • Hold your focus during class: Pay full attention and concentration when your teacher is teaching you something. Do not play with your friend or get absentminded in the classroom.
  • Ask questions: If you didn't understand something always required to ask questions. Don't get shy while raising your hand. Remember one thing by asking questions you can always clear your doubt and understand better.


  • Group study: When you study in a group, multiple questions will arise and you can always discuss it with your friends. As we share a comfort zone with our friends, learning, and understanding, these two things are going to be easy and fun. Moreover, it will help to learn better and faster by sharping study skills and breaking up the monotony of studying alone.


  • Try to teach what you learned: This is the best way of checking your understanding. If you have a blurred concept about a topic then you'll never be able to teach that to another person. So, you can also try this method. Teaching also helps you recall everything once again and solidify your understanding.


  • Practice what you learned at class: There is no alternative or shortcut of practicing when it comes to math. Yes, the more you practice the better you'll get. It will induce your problem-solving capability and you'll witness visible improvement, making fewer errors than ever. You will also learn to solve each problem within less time.


  • Solve quizzes: Don't pause learning at school only. Try to solve quizzes on your own. Find yourself a good practice book with lots of exercises to practice.
  • Watch videos: With or without a teacher, in modern days it's a great method for learning. 


  • Develop good study habits: Follow a routine and time table to study. Stick to a plan until you reach your goal. Study in short intervals. For example, if you study for 30 minutes straight, take 5-10 minutes break for brain refreshment. Put your phones, laptops aside to create the perfect study environment.


  • Aim at learning than focusing on grades: If you always worry about grades you'll never find mathematics interesting. Instead of worrying about grades aim at learning. Find the applications of your learned topics. Dig deeper! In this way you will love learning new things, solve a new problem or whatever may come in-front you, everything will seem like a piece of cake.

    Now if we talk about Algebra, in particular, you need to focus on some more things to polish your skills:


    • Review if you have a clear concept about basic algebra operations: This may sound silly but still before starting out you may want to ensure if you have high proficiency in basic algebra operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
    • Review if you know the order of operations: Algebra follows an order of operation that can be denoted by "PEMDAS"


    • Learn the use and calculations of negative numbers.
    • Learn to simplify bigger problems.
    • Have a clear conception about variables and their use.
    • Have proficiency in solving equations.
    • Gradually step into the intermediate topic.

    To be better in trigonometry you can overview the following facts:

    • Get a clear concept about the parts of a triangle: Start from the basic that is very important. Get a clear concept about parts of a right angle.


    • Get a clear concept about the trigonometry functions: Learn about each function and also clear your basic about how they relate with other functions.


    • Get a clear concept about the unit circle: It is the base of the trigonometry. By understanding the unit circle you can you can figure out the trigonometric values of a given angle.


    • Remember and note down the formulas separately: If you do not get the formulas right you'll never be able to proceed any further with your math problem so first learn them properly.


    • Stay one step ahead: Before your teacher teaches you a chapter, get your book and look through the chapter. In this way, you can always stay familiar with each topic. You can also note down things in a notebook which you might think will be tricky.

    So these are some steps you can follow to improve your mathematical proficiency. If you follow these steps you'll surely get a hundred percent result. Just never give up and always keep trying. If you're all encouraged after reading this article and determined to get better then here are best-algebra-and-trigonometry-books for you, so that you can start practicing.

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