How To Find Your Personal Style


What is personal style?

Style means a person’s own way of expressing themselves in their own clothing, writing, speaking, decorating. In fashion personal style means expressing themselves through their own unique choices of clothing, shoes, accessories, hairstyle and the combination of putting an outfit together.


The style of every person is different and unique. Someone who is stylish may or may not follow the trend of fashion but they can have their own aesthetic choice to look beautiful. It's all is about developing a sense of fashion choice for self rather than absorbing trends all time. No matter whether you are a student or a stylish person to ensure a perfect personal fashion style there are certain actions you can follow. Often people think personal style is for people who are extremely fashion conscious but in reality clothing affects everyone. Every day we wake up and put on our cloth which is to wear throughout our day, so why not make sure it’s suiting us very well! Finding your personal style will help you to feel at home in your clothes and help you to realize how beautiful you are in your own style.


The key to looking great isn't always following the latest fashion trends. It's staying true to your own personal style. But what if you don't know what is your own personal style is? You can develop your unique personal style by searching for inspiration, looking through a fashion guide, drawing your own designer dress, creating a mood board, and experimenting with sketches with fashion.

Here are steps to help you define your personal style, love your wardrobe, shop according to your style and move forward with your fashion choices more confidently.

1. Get inspiration: The first step to finding your personal style is to gather all data and get inspired. Learning about yourself sometimes requires looking into the world and seeing what sticks, and what doesn’t. You can do this through fashion magazines, fashion week shows, History of Fashion books, friends, movies and more and point out what works for you. You can follow the trends for inspiration but following them blindly. There are amazing looks that have been created by others but not every looks or outfit will work for you. Take inspiration from the world around you and specify what style and look you are comfortable with. You can check these books for your inspiration fashion guide books and know about the fashion world and the history of fashion.


2. Get real: Take a real look at your life and be honest with yourself about your lifestyle and be practical for that. You may see a lot of beautiful dresses while shopping which is a designer collection, unique and trendy but the truth is those may not for you. You have to find out what is actually for you instead of buying those dresses or shoes or accessories because that your reality. 

3. Get confident: Now you are inspired and thought of about your style what goes with you, it’s time to find confidence in the style that is all yours. Once you find the items that make you feel right and a style that feels you more comfortable, then nothing can stop you! In reality and in your practical life get confident with this realization that the way you dress is your own way, and you are not a carbon copy of someone else. Don’t get lost in a dilemma with options. Free yourself up to be a unique you with your own style. You can draw your own style with colour and then give your tailor to stitch your own unique designer clothes or you can do that by your self. In the case of colouring fashion books for girls will help you.


4. Get creative: Cultivate your own personal style is to get creative. When you find what is right for you, and what makes you feel special, there’s space to experiment. Discovering your personal style doesn’t mean that you will always follow these style, as time passes you will change and so too will your style, but with a better understanding of who you are as a whole. Actually, our style is an extension of us that changes and increases with time. You can also sketch your own style for that you can go through these fashion design sketch book and learn step by step about fashion designing and create your own style. 

5. Get clothes that fit perfectly: If you want to have an amazing look of clothing you need to hire a good tailor. Tailored clothes are always looked polished and you feel comfortable.  Tailors make your clothes according to your size which fits perfectly. The cloth that is unsized or doesn't fit with your body won't make you feel stylish. Sometimes you need to give a trial whether a fitting one makes you fashionable or an oversized one. Balance your style by wearing clothes that are fitted to your body shape. When you want to try oversized clothes or unusual shapes, make them more fashionable by keeping the rest of the clothes that fitted. For example, you can try pairing a tight crop top with wide-leg jeans, or a puff-shoulder top with straight-leg pants.

6. Create a mood board: Create a mood board and make a list of what looks great on you, in what people give a compliment, about what people say help me to have one too. Remember that your own personal style is an experiment and you never know what amazing looks await you until you're in the dressing room. Take time to play with colours and shapes to find what looks great on your unique body. Don’t be nervous about adding colour to your look. You can start with just one colourful piece of cloth, and keep the rest of your look neutral. When you get more comfortable with colours, you'll learn which colour combinations work best for your own personal style.

7. Mix Pattern and textures: Try to match patterns and textures of your clothes such as prints or designs with your ties, clutch, scarf, shoes, bracelet or hairband. Experiment with unique style choices from time to time and find what works for you. Clear your wardrobe and choose what old clothes to keep what not to and goes with your new shopped products. Fashion photography books will help you to go through what design or style goes with what. You can check our article on best fashion photography books in which you will find the best fashion photography books which may help you.

8. Find your own interest: Find what is your own interest and you can do that by taking take note of repeats. You may have a lot of the same type of clothes and shoes, bags, clutches or accessories and you purchase these again and again what make you feel happy and you are comfortable with these. You can rely on these but not all time. You have to define your style according to time and place. Also, find your strength by asking yourself is there something people compliment about you? Whether it’s your amazing footwear or your accessories or your clothing sense or the matching ability of style. These are your best style strengths which will always look stylish on you, no matter what is current trends are.

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