Is It Legit to Buy Book Reviews from Professional Services?

is it legit to buy book reviews from professional services

A book review is something that makes an influence on the book’s popularity in the market. Getting good reviews is crucial to make your book noticed and bought. However, how can you get those valuable reviews? Or maybe it is possible to buy book reviews online written by professional writers?

Well, you can get original reviews in a number of ways. You should know though that when one is writing a review for your book, English for specific purposes is used. It means that the review shall comply with some relevant requirements. That’s why it is actually recommended to buy book reviews from professional services such as AdvancedWriters.

However, how legal is it? Basically, it is the same as ordering any other service. Writing services aren’t an exception. However, there is one important point to consider: the reliability of the company and whether it has specialists with the needed experience.

That’s why before ordering anything, and moreover, before paying for the service, make sure that the company is legit. To do so, check the following:

  • Your preferred writing company has a legal office. Even though a company might provide online services only, it still needs to be registered somewhere. If this is not the case, the company might disappear with your money, and that’s it.

  • The best company has its customer support services. Considering that online services aren’t limited by a particular area, the best companies offer day and night customer support services. Usually, they are provided via a live chat.

  • Have you checked reviews online? If the company provides services online, it should have some reviews online, too. Check what problems the previous customer faced. If there were any issues, be ready to face them, too if you order the service from that provider.

  • Finally, if the company’s writers have ever written book reviews, it might be possible to check them online, too. Anyway, at least some samples should be available on the website of the company. If not, then, some providers offer you to ask a writer for a short paragraph, typically, around 100 words, to make sure the specialist complies with your requirements and has an idea about what to write.

Even if the company is the most professional and complies with all the legal requirements, this is still not enough for you. 

Requirements to a Writer

You should make sure that the company is actually able to provide you with a top-quality book review. For that, you need to make sure that the writer understands what he/she is going to write about. Therefore, you need to check if the following requirements are ok for the writer:

  • Your review should be written from scratch. If in the case with an academic paper or an essay using other ideas is ok, you just need to rephrase them, this will not work out with a book review. The writer should know exactly what to highlight and how to make your potential readers interested.

  • The writer who will write your book review needs to read your book. A review is always something based on a personal understanding of the content. That’s why no idea can be taken from outside. The only person with whom the writer can ask about the intent of the book is you. And then, the specialist is free to describe it as he/she sees it.

  • Even though the timely delivery of the service matters, it might be not so crucial as in the case with other papers. Of course, it is better to know when you will have the service provided. But most authors prefer to concentrate rather on the review quality than on the speed.

Only if all the above-mentioned details are considered, you can ask about some things that are important for you personally. For example, you might want to discuss the price, delivery and payment terms, and similar. Only if all the details are agreed and everything is fine, you can place the book review order.

It is recommended to ask the writer about partial deliveries. You will be able to check the review part by part and release the funds for those parts only that are checked and approved by you.

Now, when you know that there is nothing bad in ordering a book review, you might move on with it. Placing an order with a good company doesn’t take any time.

Many companies even will allow you to choose your writer on your own based on their bids and profiles. Make sure you have sufficient funds to pay for the order. Normally, you will need to make a deposit that will be kept by the company until the order or a part of it is approved by you. Now, ordering anything, even a top-quality book review is simple.

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