Learn full stack JavaScript development to build the latest web applications

Full stack JavaScript

Programming in javascript is becoming more popular and is the dominant programming language in web development. JavaScript was a language for the web client (browser) but then the ability to use JavaScript on the web server (with Node.js) was also introduced. So the idea of full stack JavaScript is that all software in a web application, both client side and server side, should be written using JavaScript only.

Now, who is the full-stack JavaScript developer: The person who can develop both client and server software that is a programmer skilled in coding both the frontend and the backend parts of a web application. The frontend is the part of the web application that the user sees and uses and the backend means behind the scenes and executes the commands issued by the user. The developer should know how to:

  • Mastering HTML and CSS
  • Program a browser (like using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue)
  • Program a server (like using Node.js)
  • Program a database (like using MongoDB)

You can follow the six-step becoming a full-stack developer

  1. Learn the necessary programming languages
  2. Refine the knowledge
  3. Become familiar with all technologies but a master of one
  4. Take a course
  5. Get practical exposure
  6. Take up additional assignments

Full-stack JavaScript developer uses the following top programming languages:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Python
  • MEAN
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Swift iOS

By learning one or more of these languages you may be a master of the full-stack development.

There are some framework for desktop-based apps

  • Electron
  • NW.js
  • AppJS
  • Meteor
  • Proton Native

JavaScript frameworks for desktop apps can be divided into three categories:

The frameworks that produce web browser hosted desktop apps, based on Node.js and Chromium (Electron, NW.js, AppJS). Frameworks that need to be used with Cordova-like tools (Meteor) and the frameworks that use genuinely native components to build a desktop app (Proton Native). You can choose the framework depends on the type of project that you develop which is easier for you to decide which solution will perform best for you.

The pros of full-stack javascript development

Javascript is a common language, better team efficiency with fewer resources. It has extensive code reuse and high performance and speed features. JavaScript is the most-used programming language which is used by 62.5 percent of the respondents, which makes almost 23,000 developers on the website alone. This is an extensive knowledge base, free, open-source toolset.

The cons of full-stack javascript development

This is relatively young technologies when compared with PHP or Java. It has insufficiency with the computation-heavy back end.

The following things you can build with Javascript

  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • Presentations
  • Server applications
  • Web servers
  • Games
  • Art
  • Smartwatch apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Flying robots

Learn full-stack Javascript and develop the latest web applications

Javascript is one of the popular languages for developing web applications. Recent reports show that JavaScript is currently being used by more than 94 percent of all the websites. Full-stack Javascript helps you to do Web Application Development and make dynamic and interactive web pages by implementing custom client-side scripts and server-side scripts. It simplifies the whole process of developing large-scale web applications. To develop user-friendly web applications you should proficient enough in Javascript.

The reason why Javascript is still the most popular web applications development languages

  • JavaScript is cross-browser compatible
  • JavaScript comes with lots of libraries and frameworks
  • Easy to write JavaScript code without using any specific tool
  • Simplify complex web application development
  • Responsive web design
  • Google AMP project

JavaScript is a robust programming language that helps developers in building large scale web applications easily and quickly so it has equal popularity among Wordpress users. JavaScript lets you build a highly interactive web. It also helps in enhancing the speed, performance, functionality, usability, and features of the application without any hassle. Developers should also learn about various JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and tools and combine multiple libraries and frameworks to use the JavaScript as per the requirements of the projects.

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