LinkedIn Unlocked: Unlock the Mystery of LinkedIn To Drive More Sales Through So book review

LinkedIn is the platform for finding business clients and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. The LinkedIn goal is the creation of comprehensive digital maps of the world economy and the connections within it. LinkedIn Unlocked is a well-defined book on LinkedIn intended for Anyone who wants to generate leads and clients using LinkedIn.

Here is the great book on LinkedIn Unlocked: Unlock the Mystery of LinkedIn To Drive More Sales Through So

Melonie Dodaro: The CEO of Top Dog Social Media and also the creator of "Cracking the LinkedIn Code 3.0". She is the leading expert on LinkedIn marketing and social selling and is the bestselling author of two books, including LinkedIn Unlocked and The LinkedIn Code. You can check his LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Unlocked provides you a very systematic step by step approach to constructing LinkedIn so you can get the most out of it and profit from this social professional media channel. Melonie Dodaro provides many important information to unlock the mystery of LinkedIn from which you will learn how to turn your LinkedIn profile into a client-attraction magnet, Social selling best practices LinkedIn etiquette, how to send LinkedIn messages that command a response, how to convert cold LinkedIn prospects into high-value clients, turn LinkedIn into a lead generation machine for your business and much more.

LinkedIn Unlocked designed by one of our leading thinkers with bonus packages including

  • 60-Minute LinkedIn Masterclass to generate more leads, clients, and sales
  • Comprehensive SEO Training
  • Free Companion Workbook that includes all of the exercises, worksheets, and templates
  • All of the exercises, worksheets, and templates
  • Video training and a masterclass to help you maximize your results with social selling on LinkedIn.

A very special book for the following reason

  • You will get the core basic idea that life is about relationships, not connections
  • An extended idea about offline Business
  • Know the objective evidence to make the strong case that folks who perform social selling on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn profile with a spectacular overarching view and tons of great particular tips
  • use of your firms content on LinkedIn
  • Good discussion of keywords
  • You will know what type of LinkedIn membership is right for you and whether you need a sales navigator

There are a number of tasks need to be performed on LinkedIn

  • Find prospects on LinkedIn
  • Send connection requests
  • Leverage existing client relationships
  • Send welcome messages to new connections
  • Accept new connections
  • Send relationship building messages
  • Send messages to relationships to move offline
  • Respond to replies/messages received
  • Review who viewed your profile,
  • Post status updates
  • Review notifications and
  • Review activity page

This book is for
  • Sales professionals and sales leaders
  • B2B business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to generate leads and clients using LinkedIn
  • Business advisors
  • Marketing professionals
  • Subject matter experts and emerging thought leaders
  • Speakers and authors
  • Coaches, consultants, trainers
  • Professional service providers.

This is clearly written and is one of the best books on LinkdIn. This book is about building the relationship and unlock the mystery of LinkedIn.You can get this book from here.

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