Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World Book Review

Lost and Founder is an honest and transparent book where the author shows the situations what actually happens when you build a company, including the downs and ups with highly valuable business advice. In this book, Rand Fishkin shows you that the reality does not always match the perception and provides an overview of what is required to create and run a successful venture-backed tech start-up.

Here you will get an overview of Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup world book.

Rand Fishkin: The Co-founder of Moz and a frequent keynote speaker on marketing and entrepreneurship topics around the world

Rand Fishkin, a brilliant entrepreneur is a founder and former CEO of Moz. He is the co-author of a pair of books on SEO and co-founder of Inbound.org. He served as a CEO from 2004 to 2014 and is one of the world's leading experts on SEO. He then started a new company named SparkToro, a software and data company aimed at helping people understand how and where to reach their target audiences. The level of his transparency is very impressive as he is too much honest in giving information in his Lost and Founder book. Rand Fishkin a tech startup founder who hired hundreds of people and made a product that people love and use and pay for.


Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World is a truly courageous book where Rand Fishkin reveals the truth about startup culture with the transparency and humor. This is a startup story as well as a practical guide to marketing management based on genuine numbers and real names. His pro tips on Twitter and Whiteboard Friday's plays a very much important role for those people who want to run a business. He also discusses low points and frustrations, leading to a transparent and thorough celebration of what he was able to achieve after his missteps. He shares the lesson that he learned from the ups and downs of his life.

What you will learn from this book

  • Highly valuable business advice
  • Why and when to avoid minimal viable products
  • Startup math
  • How diversity actually makes a company more valuable
  • The role of empathy, health, and self-awareness when running a business
  • How multi-products line can damage the brand
  • How the author switched the roles with his client for a while and was performing his functions to better understand the needs of Moz's customers
  • A story about company culture, heartbreaking layoffs, toxic employees and dangers
  • What VC funding did and did not do for MOZ
  • A story about company culture, heartbreaking layoffs, toxic employees and dangers of lack of transparency
  • How to build Moz, raise funding, build new products, lay off employees.

By reading this book you will be able to tackle the following

  • Depression
  • Layoffs
  • Failure
  • Why growth hacks fall flat
  • Why pivoting sucks
  • Why MVPs fail
  • How much $$ founders+employees actually make

This book is intended for

This book for people who work in the world of technology and the web, who want to build new companies, founders, co-founders, CEOs. Also for the first 50 employees at a new company.


A very popular actionable, story-driven business book where Rand Fishkin shares things that are uncomfortable to surprises people. It fosters empathy and communication and brings people to his side. This is his strategy. In this book, he describes everything in a strategical way to help you to make an entrepreneur. Here, he tries to understand you that failure should not stop you.

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