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best passive income books
Passive income is an income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it. Passive income is a powerful tool that people should include in their financial plans.

It means to provide cash flow that is not dependent on your direct work input. Creating passive income is a great way to obtain solid financial streams, and to achieve financial freedom. Real estate is a good example of passive income investing.

You can put a minimum amount of money into a property investment that enables you to leverage your money. If you're looking for some books that will help you to understand the basic and advanced concepts of passive income, you've come to the right place. Here you'll get the all-time best passive income books.
The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom
Author: Donald, Justin
Published at: 05/01/2021
ISBN: 1636800130

What if there were a simple, proven system to get you off the hamster wheel, create cash flow, and generate real wealth with little risk or complexity? The Lifestyle Investor is your ticket to:

  • End trading time for money so you have more of both
  • Create immediate cash flow while reducing your investment risk
  • Replace your job with passive cash flow streams that multiply your wealth so you can live life on your terms.
  • Join the super-achievers experiencing wealth and freedom today!

Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald the "Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing." He's a master of low-risk cash flow investing, specializing in simplifying complex financial strategies, structuring deals, and disciplined investment systems that consistently produce profitable results. His ethos is to "create wealth without creating a job."

Get Good with Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole
Author: Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche
Published at: 30/03/2021
ISBN: 0593232747

Revealing this practical ten-step process for the first time in its entirety, Get Good with Money introduces the powerful concept of building wealth through financial wholeness: a realistic, achievable, and energizing alternative to get-rich-quick and over-complicated money management systems. With helpful checklists, worksheets, a tool kit of resources, and advanced advice from experts who Tiffany herself relies on (her “Budgetnista Boosters”) Get Good with Money gets crystal clear on the short-term actions that lead to long-term goals, including:

The Guide to Passive Income: How Affluent Investors Build Generational Wealth
Author: Lanoie, Andrew
Published at: 01/04/2021
ISBN: 0578882213

In an unprecedented time in the world, millions of people are realizing they can no longer count on just their 9-5 job or one stream of income. These pages contain the exact strategies Andrew Lanoie used to retire from the rat race in his 30’s. And he will teach you 11 of the best income-generating assets available today. What Andrew is talking about is truly passive income. The kind you can quite literally make in your sleep. The kind that trickles into your account each month or each quarter regardless of whether or not you even get out of bed. It’s only by generating this kind of income that you can achieve the type of financial freedom and wealth to enjoy life on your terms. With enough passive income, you can stop living a life of worry and start living one filled with abundance, confidence, and tranquillity.

Why Doctors Don't Get Rich: How YOU Can Create Freedom with Passive Income Investing
Author: Burns, Tom
Published at: 08/10/2020
ISBN: 0578744821

If you ever wondered how to transform your current life into one of your dreams, Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich will show you the path. Discover the wonders of passive income and the freedom it provides.

With a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki, author of RICH DAD POOR DAD, this is a beginner’s guide to true wealth and a level-set for those of you who are on your journey to financial independence. Written by an entrepreneur/doctor who has walked in your shoes and achieved financial freedom, Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich is a self-help book on how to become rich in mind and body.

You will learn:

  • How to think like the rich
  • How to make money work for you
  • How to use leverage to your advantage
  • How to protect your wealth
  • How to pay fewer taxes
  • How to avoid costly mistakes
  • How to control your time
  • How to turn your salary into a lifelong passive income
  • What it really means to be rich
  • You are never too busy to improve your life

  • The RV Passive Income Guide: Learn The Laptop Lifestyle And Swap Your Day Job For Full-Time RV Living
    Author: Frost, Jeremy
    Published at: 06/03/2020
    ISBN: 1952395364

    All it takes to accomplish your dream is dedication and drive, and of course, the right resources by your side, all of which you must look no further for.

    In The RV Passive Income Guide, you will discover:

    • The best ways to earn passive income, including which type is most suitable for you
    • Why working online and earning passive income is something anyone can do, and how to get started right now
    • The debunked myths about passive income that scare people away
    • The #1 thing you should keep in mind when building a business
    • Alternative ways to earn money that don’t require any educational degree
    • The best way to manage your earnings and make even more money
    • How changing your mindset is the key to success
    • Plenty of extra resources to guide you even further into the online work of your choosing

    Amazon FBA, Dropshipping Shopify, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing: The Online Business Bible - Make a Passive Income Fortune by Taking Advantage of Foolproof Step-by-step Techniques & Strategies
    Author: Sparrow, Steven
    Published at: 08/07/2020

    Every part of this book resembles seven days in length exercise in a homeroom with top to bottom data and assignments to finish to take you along a way that prompts a completely fledged promoting plan. In addition to the fact that I have a huge amount of learning on showcasing on the web now, I additionally have a really considerable promoting plan spread out too. I enigmatically referenced this as now, however, this book accompanies plenty of online assets and worksheets too that can be gotten to in the wake of acquiring the book. For me, that is the thing that put this book over the edge for me into unadulterated magnificence.

    Millionaire Mind: 2 Book Bundle To Your First Million - Passive Income & Investing For Beginners
    Author: Beach, Christian
    Published at: 26/11/2020
    ISBN: 9198630911

    It's said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If those five people are poor or financially uneducated, be on your guard, they might drag you down that rabbit hole as well. All you need to do to become a millionaire is to learn how to play the money game. Getting ahead in the money game is pretty simple, and it's something you can start doing today, no matter how much or how little money you make. Passive income is a popular term that refers to "making money in your sleep" or "not trading time for money," which has gained significant popularity in the last few years. Passive income is real, it's achievable, and it can bring you all the freedom in the world.

    You will learn from this book:

    • Outsource parts of your business and monetize your ideas.
    • The best Youtube strategies.
    • How to start a service-based business.
    • Creative tips for finding incredible deals―even in competitive markets.
    • How to achieve success without touching a toilet, paintbrush, or broom.
    • Actionable ideas for financing rentals, no matter how much cash you have.

    The Passive Income Playbook: The Simple, Proven, Step-by-Step System You Can Use to Make $500 to $2500 per Month of Passive Income in the Next 30 Days
    Author: Raza Imam
    Published at: 07/03/2018
    ISBN: 1980489734

    Are you looking for a proven, step-by-step system that allows you to make passive income streams on autopilot with very little experience? Then The Passive Income Playbook is absolutely for you. 

    Life rewards those who take matters into their own hands, and this book is where to start.

    In this passive income book you will learn:

    • Exactly how you can earn passive income streams within the next 30 days. 
    • The most overrated ways to build a passive income business.
    • The Fastest way to get started - even if you have no experience.
    • Over 20 passive income ideas that you can use to get started - today.
    • How to make money from your personal story and experiences (even if you don't think you're an expert).

    Passive Income: 25 Proven Business Ideas FOR ANYONE To Generate Passive Income Streams Online  (Revised 2018 Edition) (Passive Income Ideas, Passive income, Passive Income Books)
    Author: Mark Atwood
    Published at: 17/10/2017
    ISBN: B076J6QCJQ

    Mark Atwood, the author of this book has vast experience in Passive Income and he explained the concepts of Passive Income from his own experience. This book uncovers most of the latest, important and useful techniques that a professional earner uses in his projects.

    It is a good reference because it shows you the techniques exactly. It's not a book full of theories rather an instructive tutorial that involves you with the real thing.

    This passive income book helps you to learn-

    • Discover the secret of affiliate marketing.
    • Start a blog or earning from e-books without even writing them!
    • Start online learning skills that will bring you wealth.
    • How to read quotes & charts and Understanding & mitigating risk.

    Passive Income: 40 Ideas to Launch Your Online Business Including Blogging, Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Photography, Affiliate Marketing and Amazon FBA
    Author: David J Green
    Published at: 27/08/2017
    ISBN: 1975897862

    This best passive income book gives you the best ideas and instructions to launch your online business and turn it into Passive Income! Get ready to discover the online marketplace. You will be astonished to learn that thousands of people are making a full-time online income.

    Through this book, you will learn how to set up and create your own online business showcasing your unique expertise.

    What you will learn:

    • How to make money through Blogging and Launch your own Digital Course.
    • Create an E-commerce Store.
    • How to Leverage Dropshipping.
    • Generate Income through Affiliate Marketing.
    • How to Make Money through Ebook Publishing.

    How to Make $100,000 per Year in Passive Income and Travel the World: The Passive Income Guide to Wealth and Financial Freedom - Features 14 Proven Passive Income Strategies
    Author: Chase Andrews
    Published at: 06/03/2017

    Do you want to learn about how to find legitimate ways to earn online? This book will just show you how to do that! You will read about online businesses opportunities and how to take the first steps towards building up your online income. 

    This passive income book’s goal is to help you reach a clear and complete understanding of the many issues surrounding blockchain and its applications. To serve that goal, information is presented clearly, with simple explanations and plenty of examples.

    Here is a Preview of What You'll learn:

    • What Passive Income is and why you need it more than you think.
    • How to make a fortune selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle.
    • Find, analyze, and sell physical products through Amazon’s FBA program.
    • How to generate six figures per year in Real Estate by buying just two properties per year.
    • Create a membership site and monetize with a step by step guide.

    Investing: 3 Manuscripts - Passive Income, Stock Market Investing for Beginners, Blockchain
    Author: Adam Ovechkin
    Published at: 05/04/2018
    This is a perfect book for those who are familiar with passive income basics. This hands-on guide will help you understand the core features of Passive Income with step-by-step instructions and exercises in each chapter.
    By the end of this book, you'll feel comfortable creating your own business and expand your knowledge on your own. 

    Key Features of this book:
    • Turn your gold and silver into income-generating assets.
    • How to make money from authority sites.
    • Build a business that works by itself and earns you money on autopilot.
    • How to make money by selling other people’s products (you don’t even need to create your own products!).
    • Earn Money with Amazon Kindle and make money on Memberships.
    • Advice on keeping your wealth by deferring (and eliminating) taxes.

    Passive Income: 3 Manuscripts - How to Use Cryptocurrency to Create Automatic Monthly Income
    Author: Stephen Satoshi
    Published at: 12/04/2018
    ISBN: B07C5F91P6

    One of the best books for Passive Income is Passive Income: 3 Manuscripts. This whole book shows you how to use cryptocurrency to create automatic monthly income. This book contains detailed descriptions of Passive Income with a clear conception.

    You will gain a deep, practical understanding of real-time earning techniques through real-world examples of Passive Income with this book today.

    You will learn from this book:

    • How to spot a mining scam - before you invest your money in it.
    • How you can mine coins directly from your cell phone.
    • A hidden way to profit from mining that doesn’t even involve mining yourself.
    • How to find and flip digital real estate (websites) for huge profits.
    • How to create a blog with a step by step guide.

    7 Predictable Ways to Generate a Passive Income Stream when you are over 40 and While Working a Full Time Job: It's Never Too Late To Start
    Author: Quinton David
    Published at: 18/09/2017
    ISBN: 1976525160

    Do you want to know the secrets, ins and outs, processes, and possibilities of earning passive income? Well, you've stepped into the right place. 7 Predictable Ways to Generate a Passive Income is an amazing book for beginners.

    There are plenty of people who want to learn how to earn a passive income because the economy is in flux.

    What you'll learn from here:

    • How to create multiple passive income streams.
    • Work 2-3 hours a day for 3-6 months to set up your business.
    • How to be location independent and find profitable niches.
    • Outsource parts of your business and monetize your ideas.
    • The best Youtube strategies.
    • How to start a service-based business

    Investing: 5 Manuscripts: Investing for Beginners, Stock Investing for Beginners, Stock Market Investing, Real Estate Investing, Passive Income (Investing, ... Income, Stock Market, Trading Book 7)
    Author: Alvin Williams
    Published at: 12/04/2018
    ISBN: B07C5YGYC3

    The concept of passive income is very simple. You do some work once and make money passively for years. With this unique book, you'll learn more passive income ideas you might not even be aware of and 21 proven ways to make money online. 

    You will learn from this book:

    • 5 High-quality books about investing and passive income.
    • A simplified dictionary with the most common terms.
    • In-depth discussion of the strategies used by Warren Buffett, Anthony Robbins, and other successful investors.
    • An analysis of the main mistakes made by beginner investors and how you can avoid them (this will save you a lot of time and frustration).

    The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Intelligent Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing!
    Author: Brandon Turner
    Published at: 28/10/2015
    ISBN: 099071179X

    The Book on Rental Property Investing, written by real estate investor and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast Brandon Turner, contains in-depth advice and strategies for building wealth through rental properties.

    You'll learn how to build an achievable plan, find incredible deals, pay for your rentals, and much, much more!  

    Key Features of this book: 

    • Why many real estate investors fail, and how you can ensure you don’t!.
    • 4 unique, easy-to-follow strategies you can begin implementing today.
    • Creative tips for finding incredible deals―even in competitive markets.
    • How to achieve success without touching a toilet, paintbrush, or broom.
    • Actionable ideas for financing rentals, no matter how much cash you have.

    Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement: The Secret to Freedom, Flexibility, and Financial Independence (& how to get started!)
    Author: Richards, Rachel
    Published at: 13/11/2019
    ISBN: 1087849098

    What is passive income? Passive income is earned with little to no ongoing work. It's no get-rich-quick scheme, but once your passive income exceeds your expenses, you are set for life.

    In a refreshingly realistic how-to guide, Rachel serves up 28 tried and truly passive income stream models, helping you to:

    • Achieve "Financial Independence, Retire Early" without penny-pinching
    • Create consistent, long-term residual income (the non-multi-level-marketing way), so you can live life on your terms
    • Have the flexibility to work when, where, and if you want
    • Say "goodbye" to your 9-5, and create a life you totally love
    • Eliminate your money stresses and fears

    Rachel supplements boatloads of research and personal expertise by interviewing well-known experts! You'll hear directly from big names such as HAL ELROD, BOBBY HOYT, DAVID OSBORN, HONORÉE CORDER, and more!

    The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth With Intelligent Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing (BiggerPockets Rental Kit, 2)
    Author: Turner, Brandon
    Published at: 28/10/2015
    ISBN: 099071179X

    Real estate investing can provide a safe and fast path to financial freedom, and this business bestseller will show you exactly how to get there. With nearly 400 pages of in-depth advice, The Book on Rental Property Investing imparts practical and exciting strategies that real estate investors across the world are using to build significant cash flow with rental properties.

    Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Why many real estate investors fail, and how you can ensure you don’t!
  • Four unique, easy-to-follow strategies you can begin implementing today
  • Creative tips for finding incredible deals even in competitive markets
  • How to achieve success without touching a toilet, paintbrush, or broom
  • Actionable ideas for financing rentals, no matter how much cash you have
  • Advice on keeping your wealth by deferring (and eliminating) taxes

  • Passive Income Freedom: 23 Passive Income Blueprints: Go Step-by-Step from Complete Beginner to $5,000-10,000/mo in the next 6 Months! (Influencer Fast Track® Series)
    Author: Gabrielle, Gundi
    Published at: 06/01/2019
    ISBN: 1793242127

    Unlike many other passive income books, Gabrielle did not try to sell this as an "easy" process which I was thankful for. Too many people read these types of books and think, "If I just start writing a weekly blog I'm going to crush it!" Months later nothing has changed in their life, and they realize the only thing passive about the income they expected was the work they put in.

    There are lots of ideas here, some simple to start (equipment or service rental), others more complicated (like developing software). I think the key here is understanding that the easier it is the smaller your likely return and the more you'd have to do it to make any reasonable amount of money.

    That said, there are a number of ideas here that you could modify slightly to compliment your current business or some processes within some sections that could be applied to other areas for a boost. If you are looking for a "get rich quick" book, this isn't it. If you are looking for ideas to launch a business and some of the factors you'll need to consider, it's worth the read.

    The Power of Passive Income: Make Your Money Work for You
    Author: Nightingale-Conant
    Published at: 19/02/2019
    ISBN: 1599186373

    You will learn how to:

  • Assess your personal skills, resources, and lifestyle
  • Identify passive income and time-for-money models
  • Get out of your debt hole and into your nest egg
  • Manage your income and expectations for success
  • Generate a six-figure income with the right strategy for your goals
  • Redefine wealth based on what matters to you

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