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A pregnancy journal book, you can also keep track of the baby's development. If you're a busy mom, this book may be just what you need to organize your memories. In pregnancy journal book You can add pictures and ultrasounds to it if you wish to. You can also record the cries and the smiles of your growing child! A journal can be used to capture your pregnancy experience and remember moments. You can use a spiral bound book to record everything from your mood to your baby's development. The pages are easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. The pages are lined and feature ribbon markers for easy filling in. A spiral-bound journal is sturdy and easy to use. It is a perfect gift for expecting moms!

The Pregnancy Journal: A Beautiful and Modern Pregnancy Planner, Organizer and Memory Book Album for Mom and Baby (Premium Keepsake Edition)
Author: Paper Peony Press
Published at: 14/09/2021
ISBN: 1952842301

Weekly milestones with thoughtful prompts and design to help track progress of baby along the way. Placeholders for images and mementos. Free space at the end for journal and thoughts. Other fun pages like logs for baby names, shower gifts, and all things you might want to remember about the experience of pregnancy or waiting for baby. Love that this is something that I would want to give to my child when they are grown as a keepsake of their journey into the world. It’s a very convenient size too to carry along to appointments. Also find the color choices to be really soothing!

First-Time Mom's Baby Journal: Create a Keepsake, Record Bonding Experiences, and Stay Organized
Author: Grossen, Aubrey
Published at: 18/02/2020
ISBN: 1646114604

Capture every moment with the best baby journal designed just for first-time moms. Build a keepsake of your newborn’s every first with a stylish, simple baby journal that covers the first days, weeks, and months.

Preserve precious memories with:

  • A journal especially for first-time moms, with prompts to help you reflect on all the new thoughts and feelings going through your mind.
  • Charts and trackers that help you remember and record daily progress like doctor’s appointments, sleep schedules, and new foods your baby has tried.
  • Brief guided entries that make this journal easy to use and help take the guesswork out of deciding what to write.
  • A simple, uncomplicated design that’s cheerful, tasteful, and gender-neutral.
  • A low-commitment time frame that begins with your baby’s birth story and tracks their first year.

Record the most important moments with a baby journal for busy new moms.

The First 90 Days After Birth: A Self-Care Journal for First-Time Moms
Author: Burris, Kim
Published at: 08/06/2021
ISBN: 1648767028

Being a brand new mom is an indescribable joy, but it’s also an overwhelming and tiring time. During the first few months after giving birth, it's more important than ever for moms to take care of their mind, body, and spirit. This supportive self-care journal encourages them to pause and look after every facet of their own well-being, with 90 days of gentle self-care practices designed with moms in mind.

Pregnancy Day By Day: An Illustrated Daily Countdown to Motherhood, from Conception to Childbirth and
Author: DK
Published at: 02/01/2018
ISBN: 1465468374

Dive right in to discover: 

  • A day-by-day structure with unmatched detail for every step of the journey
  • An hour-by-hour account of the crucial 12 hours post-delivery
  • Illustrated artwork to show fetal development throughout the stages of pregnancy

As your due date approaches, this baby development book explores all the options available for your labor and birth so you can make the right choice with confidence, and also breaks down your delivery and the first 12 hours after childbirth. The day-by-day format continues for the first two weeks postpartum as you embark on life with your newborn.

All the latest medical advice for moms-to-be is covered, including guidance on nutrition and exercise, so you’ll understand how to keep you and your baby happy and healthy throughout pregnancy. Featuring Q&As with both experts and mums also provides extra support, answering common questions and offering reassurance for any questions or concerns you may have about pregnancy, from your pregnancy diet, to the first 40 days, this baby parenting book truly does have it all.

Growing Together: A Gender Neutral Keepsake Pregnancy Journal and Baby Memory Book for Expecting Moms
Author: Mackenzie Lunt
Published at: 30/06/2021
ISBN: 1649430698

It’s perfect for capturing all the important parts and special things you want to remember with not too much to keep up with through pregnancy journal book. Parts of pregnancy can be exhausting and daunting.. sometimes even though it’s for your sweet little, it gets put on the back burner. This one is simple, easy, beautifully made and makes you excited to write stuff down and read through it. Highly recommend for anyone newly pregnant or trying!

Growing You: Keepsake Pregnancy Journal and Memory Book for Mom and Baby
Author: Herold, Korie
Published at: 17/03/2020
ISBN: 1944515976

Your pregnancy story is a special one. Document your most precious moments from this season of life in this elegant keepsake journal and memory book.

Growing You is a place to celebrate and chronicle your pregnancy journey, reflecting on the growth, anticipation, and memories that you want to hold onto as a mother. This heirloom-quality book, created by the author of the popular baby book As You Grow, is designed with a timeless look and archival paper so that you can one day pass it along to your child.

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly (Potter Style)
Author: Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
Published at: 07/03/2006
ISBN: 0307336182

Great book that has just enough guidance but also has space for you to add extra thoughts for your baby. This is our first baby and I wanted a simple book to remember these moments and for my child to have one day. I'm a crafty person but having too much "freeness" with things like this can stress me out. So I'd say it's the perfect amount of guidance questions with blank spaces to add other thoughts. It's separated into trimesters and by weeks. It also has some humor in it with questions like "How big is your appetite? The size of Rhoad Island, Texas, or Louisiana purchase?". Great way to track belly photos and doctor visits also with keeping track of the joys and not so joys of being pregnant. It's a good buy.

My Pregnancy Devotional Journal: 40 Weeks of Reflection and Prayer for You and Your Baby
Author: L'amour, Kytia
Published at: 14/12/2021
ISBN: 1638073767

Such an amazing devotional! One of the most thoughtfully put together devotional I’ve seen in some time. During pregnancy there’s always someone wanting to give you their two cents and unsolicited advice, often times it’s not the best advice and it’s even discouraging. That’s why it is truly refreshing to read encouragement about the various stages of pregnancy through the lens of God’s best plan for children and the birthing process.

This book is beautifully put together and easy to follow. Being an artist I love it’s aesthetic and catch myself just staring at the designs and layouts while reading through. Definitely buying extra copies as gifts for pregnant and new moms that I know! 

Pregnancy Journal: A Week-By-Week Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy (Deluxe, Cloth-bound 3rd edition)
Author: Paula Spencer Scott
Published at: 01/01/2020
ISBN: 1441332758

Journey to motherhood with this inspiring, informative week-by-week Pregnancy Journal!

  • You'll find ample space throughout to record your feelings and impressions through 40 weeks and beyond.
  • The journal also includes concise, time-targeted information about pregnancy.
  • Learn what's happening to your baby and your body, week by week!
  • Throughout: Quotations about pregnancy from celebrities, writers, health care professionals, and others.
  • The ideal companion to help light the path and preserve the wonder as you move toward motherhood!
  • Beautiful cloth-covered volume.
  • Includes a matching ribbon bookmark to keep your place.
  • Inside back cover pocket expands to hold appointment cards, notes, and more.
  • Sturdy bookbound-style hardcover binding.
  • Archival/acid-free paper helps preserve your pregnancy memories.
  • Journal measures 6-1/4'' wide x 8-1/4'' high.
  • 208 pages.

Expecting You — A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal
Author: Amelia Riedler
Published at: 01/01/2015
ISBN: 1938298349

Expecting You is a place to record all of the wonderful new thoughts, feelings, and experiences just ahead. Carry this journal with you wherever you go or take a reflective moment when you have the time and record what matters most. Keep this journal just for yourself, to share your experience with a loved one, or wait and read your words to your new little one after they arrive.

Pregnancy After Loss: A day-by-day plan to reassure and comfort you
Author: Clark-Coates, Zoë
Published at: 08/02/2022
ISBN: 1409195945

Pregnancy should be a time of joyous anticipation, but those forty weeks can feel very different if you are one of the many women who has previously lost a baby. In Pregnancy After Loss, Zoe Clark-Coates has created a compassionate and essential guide to lead you, day by day, through your pregnancy. Addressing such issues as facing fear, coping with scans and pregnancy milestones, building relationships with your medical team and processing your ongoing grief whilst pregnant, this is the comforting companion every pregnant woman needs by her side. As someone who has experienced pregnancy following baby loss, Zoe fully understands all of the concerns you may be experiencing - she has been there, and now she's here for you.

We're Pregnant! The First Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook
Author: Kulp, Adrian
Published at: 24/04/2018
ISBN: 1939754682

Being a great first-time dad doesn’t mean being perfect; it means participating in the experience with empathy and confidence. From the basics of pregnancy, to designing a birthing plan, to tips on being helpful and supportive for your partner, We’re Pregnant! provides all the need-to-know information on how to be a fully prepared parent.

Featuring must-ask questions for the doctor, milestone trackers, and more, this funny and friendly standout among pregnancy books also takes you beyond the due date, offering a helping hand on how to plan and perfect your own style of childcare.

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