Real-Life Applications of Algebra and Trigonometry

Mathematics may seem like a useless subject but it is incredibly important in our lives. Mathematics makes our life orderly and teaches how to think and be organized in our daily life. Mathematical subjects like Algebra and Trigonometry can stimulate brain activities and develop analytical thinking. There are many applications of Algebra and Trigonometry encountering significant problems in our life.

Applications of Algebra in Real-Life: Algebra is a huge area in mathematics together with number theory and equations that are actually used in almost anywhere in the world.

  • Algebra in Computer Programming: Algebra replaces numbers by symbols. Computer programming is all about representing a specific context by abstract symbols. For example, the characters of a game are nothing but a string of symbols. So, a programmer has to know how to present a character with the help of that string that requires the rules of abstract algebra to make the symbols.
  • Data Entry: You will need algebraic expressions when working on the computer with spreadsheets to enter data, design, and plan.
  • Financial Management: Money is always the problem so people tend to budget every single thing that they can. If you can't add or subtract correctly, it is going to be very difficult for you to survive in our dollar-driven society. To budget the house bills, the electrical bills or the ones who will buy the groceries, they still need to know how to work their way around numbers. Furthermore, to be able to adequately understand the terms of a loan or an investment account, a basic understanding of higher math such as Algebra is required.

Applications of Trigonometry in Real Life: Trigonometry simply means calculations with triangles involved with the study of lengths, heights, and angles. There is an enormous number of Trigonometric applications in our daily life that we can enjoy.

  • Trigonometry to Measure the height of a building or mountain: If you know the distance of a building from the viewpoint and the angle of elevation you can easily determine the height of a building using the trigonometric functions.
  • Trigonometry in Engineering and Physics: In physics, trigonometric deals with projectile motions, finds the components of vectors, models the mechanics of both physical and electromagnetic waves, circuits and other topics. Flight engineers have to deal with the speed and direction of the wind that plays an important role in the timing and the arrival of the plane. Trigonometry will help to create a triangle using vectors which will lead the plane in the right direction.
  • Trigonometry in Astronomy: Trigonometry was first applied in spheres. Trigonometric tables were created during the ancient time for computations in astronomy to understand the position of planets moved on the sphere.
  • Trigonometry in Criminology: Trigonometry is even used in criminology to investigate crime scenes. The functions of trigonometry are helpful to calculate a trajectory of a projectile, to estimate the reasons behind the collision in a car accident, how an object fell down from somewhere, or what angle the gun is shot.
  • Trigonometry in Navigation: Trigonometry is used in navigation in order to pinpoint a location. It estimates in what direction to place the compass to get a straight direction as well as to see the horizon.
  • Trigonometry in Marine Biology: Marine biologists often use trigonometry for measurements to figure out the depth of sunlight that affects algae to photosynthesis. Using trigonometric functions and mathematical models they can understand animal's behavior and determine the size of wild animals from a distance.

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