Can you get a scholarship for a GED test score?

GED Test stands for the General Education Development Test. When someone passes a GED test it provides them with the high school equivalency certification which means that a person has the knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate. This article will not only give the answer to your query but also provide answers to your other how's and what's.

Can you get a scholarship for GED test scores?

Well, the simple answer to your question is yes! Among many benefits of taking a GED test, is getting a scholarship. Your GED test result can help you to find one and get relief from the excessive burden of the peaking bills. But finding a scholarship for GED test score can be difficult and challenging. Lots of colleges give tons of scholarships. But you won't be eligible for all of them. You have to find the right one and then apply for it. So, to apply for a scholarship with your GED test result you have to pay extra attention to the following facts:

  • Get a cracking GED score.
  • Find a list of colleges that offers you scholarship for your GED score.
  • Check if you fulfill all the requirements to apply for the scholarship.
  • Apply for the scholarship
  • Wait for a college to respond to your application.

1. Get a cracking GED score: The GED test comprises of a total of four subjects (200 marks on each subject). They are:

  • Reasoning through language arts
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Social science
  • Science

145 is the minimum passing mark for each subject. If a student gets any less than 145 in any of the subjects, he is considered to be unsuccessful in his attempt.

But a passing mark is not good enough to get a scholarship. To obtain a scholarship the person has to be extraordinary. A GED score between 165-174 indicates a person is college-ready. And a GED score between 175-200 indicates a person is not only college-ready but also earns him credit.

A score between 175-200 proves a person's capability and makes him worthy of a scholarship. So, if you're applying for a scholarship make sure your score is as high as it. It indicates that you are a hard-working soul and fully committed to your studies.

2. Find the college: Almost 97 percent of American colleges accept a GED test result. So you can most likely apply to almost every college. Check through the list of all colleges that gives GED grant and narrow down your list according to your choice, benefits and other facilities. Check through all the scholarship details before making any final decisions. Adding a location during your search will make it easier for you to find a college.

For example: If you live in California you can write down; GED Scholarship California into your google search then, only the colleges offering a scholarship in California will be showed as your search result. This procedure helps you narrow down your desired college list.

3. Fulfill the requirements: This is a very important step before applying for a scholarship. Tons of colleges give scholarships based on GED scores but you won't be eligible to all of them. Sometimes the scholarship is available to only non-traditional students with a certain issue. For example:

  • Single parents: They indicate a major population of non-traditional students. Often for improving their lifestyle for themselves and their children they opt for special education training and return to college. The educational training reinforces their value in the workplace providing them with better career opportunities, which will bring stability to their family life. So to encourage this big movement many associations and local governments sponsor scholarships to them. e.g: George snow scholarship fund.
  • Women: Many women have to quit their studies due to family responsibilities, early pregnancy, and other common issues. But as the circumstances change, many of them plan to finish their unfinished studies and return to college. For this reason, sometimes they get the extra advantage of obtaining a scholarship. These scholarship programs are sponsored by different corporations, women welfare organizations or other associations.

So, before applying, it is safe to check if you meet all the requirements for the scholarship.

4. Apply: Once you have fulfilled all the requirements and found yourself as an eligible individual, you can apply for the scholarship. Check the deadline and make sure to apply before time runs out. Follow all the instructions step by step while applying. Sometimes there may be a section where you need to state your reason for applying to their college. Give answers to all the questions with honesty, confidence, and wit. Your courage, determination, and sincerity should peep through your answer.

5. Wait for selection: This is the last step for getting your scholarship. Once you have fulfilled all the steps, you need to wait for the selection process. Your desired college will review your application and respond accordingly.

If you follow all the above steps you're most likely to achieve a scholarship for GED test score. If you find this article helpful you can also check Best GED Preparation Books. You can also check Best GED Math Preparation Books

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