The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation of Life

Electromagnetism means a relationship between electrical and magnetic field. Humans and animal body process have to draw electrical impulse signal to regenerate body parts like broken bones. Below book has a vast discussion on the topics of regeneration via electrical impulse signal. It will explore new pathways in evolution, psychic phenomena, and healing.

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life
Author: Robert Becker,Gary Selden
Published at: 22/07/1998
ISBN: 0688069711

Robert O. Brecker a famous orthopedic surgeon and researcher, research in the field of regeneration of human body parts and relationship to electrical currents in living things. He found a clue of the healing process in the long-discarded theory that electricity is the vital force of life. The introduction is very interesting. It starts with a history of penicillin and the devastating effects of pneumonia. The first part of the book contains some interesting experiments. Such as, Cutting off the front-right leg of a salamander, observed the regrowth of that same leg. Details discussion on replacing blastema tissue and implants of new tails in the body of salamander. 

This kind of experiments shows how to hold the regeneration processes in various animals. For example, Newts can even regenerate their iris in the eye. Also, the book shows you how the DC voltages in the animal and human body vary and about the DC field. Discussion about the healing process of the human body in broken bones.

The research shows you how the young salamanders can regenerate their spinal cord when older salamanders can’t regenerate it. The older salamander gets along spinal shock which is characterized by a long potential change with positive voltages. In young salamanders body the spinal shock is very short and after this shock, the spinal cord is starting to regenerate. But this shock is complex like another animal in older salamanders. Spinal shocks are the main obstacle to regenerate spinal cord. A vast discussion about it in that book. Becker explains about regeneration possibilities in human tissue and organ.

An interesting relationship of regeneration with cancer is discussed in this book. Humans have a much higher incidence of cancer because they aren't able to regenerate much. The regeneration electrical impulses make the cancer convert into healthy tissue. In that process, all the tumors are converted into healthy tissue. 

In the middle part of this book, an experiment on rats. When the electrical impulse is to the bones, the bones become regrown because every bone has its own bone marrow and also skin can regenerate because of the skin hole. But another organ can not regenerate easily because they have not plenty of cells for the regeneration process. You have to know specific voltage to start the regeneration of specific organ. But it is not easy because mammals body has many complex cells which are not able to regenerate. The Russians made a simple assumption state that any electronic radiation, higher than those available in nature can potentially be very unhealthy.

The last part of this book warns us about the dangers of electrosmog. Electrosmog also has a very high effect on the calcium-flux and also on the blood-brain barrier in the body. A complete discussion on that topic is written in this book.

When you know your body processes are controlled by electrical currents, it’s easy to assume that currents comparable in power will influence the body which helps you to know the relationship between electrical and body signal.

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