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Best Django books for beginners

Posted on 08-01-2017 by onlinebooksreview

Django is one of the most popular frameworks for backend developers. If you already know Python then you can pick up Django quite easily. Here you'll find the absolute best Django books for moving from a complete beginner to an experienced pro-Django developer

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Best python programming books

Posted on 07-24-2017 by onlinebooksreview

Python is one of the most used languages by developers and IT professionals all over the world. And you can understand how vast and deep this language is. If you're finding the right book on Python, this article can help you. To give you a kick start in Python, here I've listed some of the best books in Python that will surely help you to make your decision...

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Top 5 Best Books for Machine Learning with Python

Posted on 04-30-2017 by onlinebooksreview

Machine learning provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It is a s...

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